In May of this year, I had been preparing to take the Iowa court interpreting examination. It is a challenging exam, where you must score 70% or higher on each of the 3 sections in order to pass and become a certified court interpreter in Iowa. The three sections were sight translation, simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting. Two-hundred dollars and some registration paperwork later, on May 15, I took the exam, and honestly thought I had not done so well, but I was glad I had at least tried, “just to see what would happen”, ready to re-take it in the fall.

Come June 4, check me out…

An exciting day!

No longer a ‘hack’!

Infinite thanks to my husband Mike, who fronted half of the exam’s cost and say I could pay him back never, my mentor Ernest, my colleague and study buddy Rachel, my mom and my brothers. GRACIAS TOTALES!

I owe it to myself and to those who believe in me to get serious about this career path.

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