Cultural barriers to effective interpretation and translation

The organization Unite For Sight dedicates two modules to assist researchers in interacting and breaking through cultural barriers with the clients that they serve in other countries. “Interpreters often have a better understanding of the cultural norms of the community than the researcher,” module 5 of the research course states. This is an important implication,Continue reading “Cultural barriers to effective interpretation and translation”

Introducing the new Mrs. Marcano-Kelly: A reflection

Friends and blogosphere, after nearly two and a half years of dating, and almost a year of living together, Michael Kelly and I got married. Here’s a little reflection and recap of the occasion. The private ceremony was on June 12, a gorgeous Iowa summer day with the bluest skies and a golden sun. IContinue reading “Introducing the new Mrs. Marcano-Kelly: A reflection”

Before the flight [Draft I]

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” ― Anaïs Nin There’s nothing like the thrill of international air travel. Nothing can get me as high or as intoxicated as the sheer prospect of knowing the exact date, time, gate, seat and final destination of the next series ofContinue reading “Before the flight [Draft I]”

Does an interpreter’s race/ethnicity matter when working with clients?

Although the world is constantly and rapidly becoming more globalized, multicultural and interdependent, the collective mentality with regards to race or ethnicity may be moving at a slower pace. At first glance, people in the United States may think that problematic interactions among people of different race or ethnicity is an issue that only affectsContinue reading “Does an interpreter’s race/ethnicity matter when working with clients?”

(0212) Gran Caracas [draft I]

Thick, ashy smog; Cool breeze rustling through mango trees A symphony of honking and hydraulic hisses: buses Countless stray dogs bark hungry, scrounging bones from leftover tin box lunches The bent sound of brassy salsa brava escaping a zooming car incessant chatter, thousands of anonymous voices fill ears with desire, humor, and argument Taxi driverContinue reading “(0212) Gran Caracas [draft I]”

Trust, and knowing your value as a language worker

In my Introduction to Translation class, we have been reading Becoming a Translator: An introduction to the theory and practice of translation by Douglas Robinson. The first chapter talks about “External knowledge” and what is defined as “the user’s view”, which I found was an enlightening and necessary discussion of the minimum expectations that bothContinue reading “Trust, and knowing your value as a language worker”


September 29, 2011 [12:22am] Little voices and pained groans were lulling down, as they intermingled into the evening; hushed distress in tiny individual worlds that struggle to comprehend basic reality, at least in the conventional sense. Decelerating energy, left behind in cluttered rec room with the sound of emptying bathtub drains and scattered tick-tock signalingContinue reading “Attak”