Everyone loves samples. Here, you will find several samples of my written translations done for different types of clients. This is by no means a comprehensive list, as I have not included my translations done while working with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, where I translated dozens of documents. More samples will be posted as I grow my portfolio.

Fun fact: When I was around 12 or 13, I helped my brother translate an entire research paper from Spanish to English, which was published in a pulmonary medicine journal. It was over 5,000 words, and a true labor of love.

Marshalltown Police Department  (Marshalltown, Iowa)

Vicious dog license application (Spanish)

Vicious dogs – city code (Spanish)

Right to contact an attorney or family member acknowledgement form (Spanish)

American Friends Service Committee (Des Moines, Iowa)

What’s your class path? Handouts (Spanish)

Tips for Birddogging (Spanish)

“Be a good birddog” handout (Spanish)

Immigrant youth forum flyer (Spanish)

Des Moines Area Community College work (Des Moines, Iowa)

Birth certificate (Mexico — Spanish to English)

Academic Credential (sample English – to Spanish)

Sample plea agreement (1000 words only – English to Spanish)

News article (Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 – English to Spanish)

Sample will (English to Spanish)

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