A bilingual existence

  “Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words. My language trembles with desire.” –Roland Barthes I. Idiomas/languages: Origins Little scraps of paper with small hands’ handwriting in Spanish and English hung along theContinue reading “A bilingual existence”

“Parrillas”, aka grill-outs [Venezuelan style]

It’s fascinating how new experiences in a somewhat familiar yet relatively new environment can – when the circumstances are right – bring you right back to the core of your memories, your childhood. It’s beautiful how by simply narrating back your own story to someone you love, your mind can perfectly replay vivid memories thatContinue reading ““Parrillas”, aka grill-outs [Venezuelan style]”

Introducing the new Mrs. Marcano-Kelly: A reflection

Friends and blogosphere, after nearly two and a half years of dating, and almost a year of living together, Michael Kelly and I got married. Here’s a little reflection and recap of the occasion. The private ceremony was on June 12, a gorgeous Iowa summer day with the bluest skies and a golden sun. IContinue reading “Introducing the new Mrs. Marcano-Kelly: A reflection”